Our Vision

Advanced data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are increasingly crucial to the manufacturing industry in order to:

  • Collect and analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, providing industrials with greater visibility into their operations and supply chains
  • Identify inefficiencies, optimize processes, and reduce costs, ultimately increasing their competitiveness
  • Leverage internal data sources to build and propose new services to internal and external clients
  • Improve the quality of their products and services
  • Adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, such as changes in demand or supply chain disruptions

Our vision is that impactful data and AI initiatives at manufacturing industries combine two essential abilities:

  • Quickly generate tangible value, directly serving business objectives of operational and business leaders
  • Deliver uses cases in weeks, not months, then managing scope and users extension, as well as continuous improvement
Our Offer

At Emerton Data, our teams and ways of working are 100% aligned on the two abilities above, through:

  • A deep sector and process expertise in the industries we serve, derived from project references ranging from digital to strategy to operations, leveraging the historical positioning of Emerton as an industry specialist
  • The combination of highly versatile teams of full stack developers, business savvy data scientists and proprietary development tools to put fully functional tools to client operations teams in 10 to 20 weeks

Selected highlights of the Emerton Data offer to the manufacturing industry include:

  • Data maturity assessment and elaboration of a fully fledged data roadmap : prioritized use-cases, resources and governance, underlying technical platform…
  • Design of data products fully suited to the manufacturing environment, such as:
  • Process efficiency, e.g. yield or quality improvement
  • Supply chain performance, e.g. advanced S&Op or planning use cases
  • Integration of upstream (e.g. raw materials suppliers) and downstream (e.g. clients or distributors) supply chains
  • Assessment of the potential of new, data-enabled services

Transversely, Emerton Data helps its clients engage in a digital transformation path to diffuse a data-driven decision making culture.

Our Experts
Pascal Simon
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner