AgTech & Food
Our Vision

The food industry is facing unprecedented challenges. On one hand, consumers have concerns over health, sustainability, and animal welfare, and ask for more transparency. They also want more personalised products. On the other hand, the pressure on food prices has never been greater, given the current context of crisis and inflation.

As the food industry remain very competitive, all players should continually adapt to differentiate themselves and meet consumer expectations. In this context, new players and innovative AgTech startups are also taking the opportunity to emerge and challenge historical major players.

The food industry can rely on many data sources to support this key transformation on supply, sales and consumers to support this ineluctable transformation. The definition of a successful data strategy and the leverage of artificial intelligence allow to stay competitive by reducing costs, increasing revenues and meeting new consumer expectations.

Our Offer

Our intervention covers a large spectrum of the AgTech and food industry value chain, from agriculture to end-product food services with a constant focus of enabling impact with state-of-the-art solutions. Topics can include:

  • Supply chain optimization – Bring the most value from the industrial production processes and supply chain organs of large cereal cooperatives, leveraging digital twin and satellite imagery
  • Carbon impact measurement and reduction – Define methodology to collect and measure the environmental impact  and managing the reduction strategy to meet the environmental commitment
  • Pricing compliance & optimization – define an end-to-end pricing strategy ensuring compliance, setting the right item-level prices based on cost, competition and consumer demand to increase the revenue and margin
  • Demand forecast –  forecast the footfall and the product demand leveraging historical sales and third-party (satellite, location data, weather, etc.) data and using advanced time series to drive revenue and optimize costs

Our Experts
Yannick Léo
Partner & Data Science Director
Pascal Simon
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner