Revolutionizing Production
Building an iterative software for Optimizing Living Organism Growth Recipies
Context & Objectives

The project aims at building the web-app for the monitoring and optimisation of a living organism growth production process

The project is particularly ambitious since the production process has a one-century intuitive human optimisation history


Strong facilitation of the monitoring of the production process.

10% of reduction costs for the faulty production unit along with improved output quality.

Integration of two highly profitable production process adjustments.

Our approach

Step 1 – Use case framing

  • Understanding of the industrial process, and definition of the metrics that will be targeted for optimisation
  • Refinement of the end-user needs and definition of the web-app use cases and mock-ups
  • Mapping of the key production parameters to be closely monitored and identification of the advanced ML methods to be implemented

Step 2 – Advanced method development

  • Conception of a digital twin requiring the monitoring of more than 100 dynamic and static parameters
  • Development of a customised ML method to identify and optimise the production process and enabling daily assessment of the production performance

Step 3 - Recommendation integration

  • Replacement of faulty sensors that were identified thanks to the monitoring features
  • Testing of the most promising production process enhancements such as input timing and quantity adjustments
  • Quantitative validation of the enhancements for definitive integration
Our experts
Jérôme-Alexis Chevalier
Senior Data Scientist
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