Data Based Aero Maintenance
Scope & definition of a data based predictive maintenance strategy
Context & Objectives

A leading aero maintenance company is looking to increase its efficiency in maintaining specific aircraft equipment.

To do this, the company wishes to identify and shape a strategy to develop data driven maintenance services.


This resulted in  a 5-year plan currently being successfully executed by the company.

Our approach

Step 1 – Assessing the existing data ecosystem and scoping the target services

  • In order to assess the feasibility of data driven maintenance services, a detailed analysis of raw data structures was necessary. This enabled an in-depth feasibility analysis for predictive and real time maintenance models.
  • Once possible use cases were identified, each was assessed for value, position in the value chain, and synergies with the existing business of the company. This resulted in a prioritised list and data governance study for successful implementation.

Step 2 – Market analysis

  • Through ~40 expert and customer interviews, a thorough assessment of the competitive landscape and customer willingness to pay were created, along with a benchmark of data acquisition technologies. These studies led to detailed conclusions on marketing dynamics, accessibility and competitive positioning.

Step 3 – Strategy definition and roadmap

  • Based on the two first phases, the project led to defining a precise go to market approach including key offer components, potential partnerships, an actionable strategy plan and the implementation roadmap.

Our experts
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner
Sebastien Plessis
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