Financial Services
Our Vision

Data is core business for financial services companies

Banking, investment and insurance industries have overall a higher data & AI maturity than other sectors. After performing tremendous progress on the valorization and massive usage of internal data, these actors are looking  back to external data, while defining proper governance of Data & AI in the context of increasing regulation (GDPR, Daata Act, AI Act). They are still facing major transformational challenges, as for instance:

  • risk managers and compliance functions are still improving their processes and approaches thanks to a better use of data (fraud detection and prevention, operational risk management, responsible and trustworthy AI, Data Act and AI Act, etc.)
  • asset managers and investment companies are knowing a strong evolution thanks to the use of alternative data (prospect identification thanks to companies transactions data, investment opportunities selection, satellite data usage, etc.)
  • retail banks are being equipped of tools and data science models to improve their digital sales and offering (NBO/NBA, churn, scoring, etc.),
  • private banking are reinforcing their KYC thanks to advanced use of data
  • insurers are improving their risk estimations thanks to the use of machine learning models to predict risk
Our Offer

Emerton Data provides various types of support to financial services companies:

  • Data & AI strategy to transform a function (e.g. pricing, marketing, claims, etc.)
  • Data platform design and development
  • Customer data use cases (marketing mix modeling, scoring, pricing, market watch,  KYC, churn, CLV, etc.)
  • Efficiency data use cases (claim management, risk management, antifraud, etc.)
  • Sustainability / ESG data use cases
  • Responsible AI governance and operating model (strategic approach, organization, technical approach re. fairness, robustness and explainability of AI models)
  • Open data / alternative data approach
Our Experts
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner
Julie Caredda