Data for Sustainability
Our Vision

As the world grapples with the challenge of climate change, companies are stepping up by setting ambitious goals to significantly reduce their environmental footprints.

However, organizations often struggle to transform these commitments into actions, as sustainability is not easily integrated into decision-making processes.

At the intersection of industry and data expertise, our team at Emerton Data structures strategies and digital roadmaps to turn these commitments into tangible actions.

We empower companies to achieve sustainability targets and build a competitive advantage by seamlessly integrating sustainability into their core business processes.

Our Offer

To best support our clients, Emerton Data addresses the following key areas:

  1. Identifying critical business processes and workflows where sustainability should be integrated as a decision-making factor to drive significant impact (carbon intensity reduction, water & energy consumption, etc.).
  2. Identifying technological enablers, building data strategies, and creating use case roadmaps to transform organizations.
  3. Implementing high-value use cases to deliver measurable value and impact.

Setting priorities and digital pathway

In the future, business decisions will need to strike a balance between traditional dimensions and their environmental impact. Translating strategic goals into a data-driven and actionable digital roadmap is a complex task, but essential for empowering different functions and businesses to make environmentally conscious decisions.

Leveraging its unique positioning, Emerton Group combines deep industry knowledge with data expertise to help customers transform their strategic ambitions into impact-driven digital roadmaps. Key activities include:

  • Identifying key business areas and processes to optimize or adapt for maximizing sustainability and business impact.
  • Defining a digital roadmap that leverages data for sustainability.
  • Supporting data governance evolutions necessary to ensure long-term success.

Identifying and federating critical data assets and modes

Pivoting organizations towards sustainable operating model requires synchronizing operations and sustainability data into cohesive environments and extending access to clients and customers. Emerton assists customers in identifying relevant data sources to fulfill their ambitions and digital roadmaps, involving a range of data and models, such as:

  • Operations data: ERP, MES, EHS, EMS, CRM, PLM, HRIS, IoT platforms, etc.
  • Sustainability data: Internal LCA/LCI repositories, supplier data, licensed ESG data, and open secondary data sources for environmental impact.
  • Models: EEIO, LCA, Environmental Impact Assessment, Biogenic emissions models, Material Flow Analysis, and other models relevant to decision-making processes.

This new data asset, available at the organization's most granular level, can be used to simulate the total impact of various business decisions.

Harness the best technologies to improve your business sustainability

Emerton attracts top digital talent, deploying state-of-the-art technologies to drive sustainability initiatives. This expertise is utilized to identify relevant technologies for data and use cases, including:

  • Automating Carbon Intensity calculations and LCA at scale and across supply chains using operations data and AI.
  • Equipping business teams with AI-capable applications to enhance sourcing and industrial decisions in complex supply chain environments.
  • Assessing critical strategic decisions using advanced modeling capabilities.
  • ESG Data platforms: Consolidating internal, external, and modeled ESG data streams into a single foundation for climate and risk models.

Securing long term success

Great technologies can only succeed through high-level adoption from users. To that end, Emerton Data relies on some critical enabler to maximize adoption and long term impact:

  • **UI Design Excellence:**Our team of top-tier UI design talent and proven methodologies focuses on creating engaging, user-centric interfaces that elevate the customer experience and drive sustainable growth, ensuring your organization stays ahead in the digital landscape.
  • Change Management: We utilize change management frameworks and tools to identify, assess, and address the complex challenges that organizations face during transitions. Our systematic approach focuses on effectively change rationale, fostering employee engagement, and providing targeted training to support the successful implementation and adoption of new initiatives.

Our Experts
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