Research & Development
Emerton Data positions itself as a high-end consulting partner to its clients, and thus must be at the forefront and ahead of the curve on many data & AI transformation topics
In addition to our consulting activities, we are developing innovative deeptech products via our startup studio Kaukana Ventures.
logo of Kaukana
Kaukana Ventures
Such as Agrisight, an embeded mathematical optimization and AI modeling 100% dedicated to the performance of the agricultural supply chain.
logo of Agrisight
The development of solutions based on the advanced use of data, the development of artificial intelligence and other advanced algorithms and scientific methods of optimization, requires the implementation of important R&D work.
Emerton Data has launched research on key topics of today and tomorrow’s economic landscapes, allowing it to carry out its consulting activities and development of innovative solutions.
We have initiated important projects, such as the development of methods for responsible AI (interpretability and fairness of algorithms).
Our research work is materialized by :
  • Launch of innovative solutions embedding algorithm
  • Submission of scientific papers in the field of Machine Learning
  • Obtaining the Scientific Excellence Prize awarded as part of the "AI for industry" challenge.
    Organized by the Ile-de-France region, and awarded by a jury of renowned academic researchers
  • Partnerships with academic laboratories :
The Emerton Data team includes several PhDs, including but not limited to :
Julio Louzada
Phd in Applied Mathematics
Aimé Lachapelle
Phd in Applied Mathematics
Yannick Léo
Phd in Computer Science