Generative AI
Our Vision

Generative AI is the next revolution

After the deep-learning boom, the Artifical Intelligence and Big Data market seemed to be growing at a constant rate. This prediction, however, was disrupted by the recent improvement and popularity of Generative AI models. The release of LLM and Diffusers such as GPT and Dall-E from Open AI demonstrated the potential and functionalities of Generative AI on all industries in the coming years.

We are witnessing a new wave of tools based on generative AI technologies, motivated by the performance achieved by the latest LLM/Diffuser models, such as ChatGPT, Github Copilot or Midjourney.

If these on-the-shelf tools can already deliver a great deal of value, the use of proprietary data and fine-tunned models are the key to create true differentiator.

Whether using off-the-shelf tools or more advanced use cases, companies are faced with three major challenges:

  • How to secure a safe adoption: Internal usage of generative AI tools must be supervised with dedicated training and the establishment of best practices
  • How to avoid hardware cost explosion: LLM models usage, fine-tunning or training could be expensive and cost must be contained
  • How to ensure data security and privacy: a safe company environment hosting all generative AI tools must be set-up to ensure data privacy and security
Our Offer

In order to respond to these challenges and enable any company to benefit from advances in generative AI, Emerton Data provides various types of support to:

Generative AI Strategy

  • C-level support: training & strategy
  • Acculturation strategy and implementation

Generative AI stack

  • Safe & secure internal deployment
  • Generative AI infrastructure for use cases

Generative AI usecases & research

  • Build usecases priorities & roadmap
  • Prototype to product development (Customer review, Information retrieval, speech to text, image generation for design support, …)

Generative AI research

  • Large-scale models finetune & deployment
  • End-to-end methodology experimentation

Our Experts
Yannick Léo
Partner & Data Science Director
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner