Data Platform
Our Vision

At Emerton Data, our objective is to empower our clients to construct effective data products and leverage the inherent value of internal data.

In this context, our vision of a data platform is a centralized and personalized service that can:

  • Facilitate the integration, management, and analysis of data from various sources
  • Provide intuitive interfaces for collaborative data exploration, visualization, and analysis
  • Federate large groups of users (business analysts, data scientists, IT professionals) with diverse levels of technical know-how

Our Offer

We build value to our clients with an offer that is based on the following principles:

  • Our propositions are cloud agnostic and tool agnostic, providing the best fit of technologies and ecosystems and our clients vision
  • Security is a priority with strong, custom encryption schemes that can guarantee data sovereignty
  • The data platforms are designed to be elastic and scalable, best fitting varying levels of costs objectives
  • The platforms can connect to multiple external source system while being a central, unified rendez-vous point to explore, build use-cases and more broadly collaborate around data

Our Experts
Julio Louzada
Jérôme Feroldi
Principal Data & DevOps Engineer