Private Equity
Our Vision

Digital technology, data and AI are increasingly becoming essential to private equity investors as they seek to maximize the value of their portfolio companies.

Before investing in any company with a significant tech dimension, investors have to answer critical questions which will drive the successful execution of the target’s business plan, such as : how differentiated and cutting-edge is the target’s technology? In this precise case, is AI a buzzword or a real strategic and technology differentiator? What is the actual scalability of their technology platform?

Leveraging its cutting-edge and technology-agnostic team of data scientists and software engineers, Emerton Data executes technology due diligences enabling PE funds to focus their investment on the most promising technology players.

Our Offer

For their portfolio companies in virtually all sectors, PE investors needs to secure that each company will maximize the impact of digital and data as value creation drivers, while their internal resources and expertise may be limited.

For a given portfiolio company or more broadly accross the porfolio, Emerton Data brings speed in the deployment of impactful digital and data initiatives, through:

  • Digital and data maturity assessment
  • Co-creation of digital and data roadmaps
  • Framing and development of use cases with advanced data and AI content
Our Experts
Sebastien Plessis