Data Driven Cost Mapping
Enhancing Costing and Pricing Strategies in Specialty Metal Alloy Manufacturing
Context & Objectives

The client is a leading manufacturer of specialty metal alloys, with hundreds of references, each with dedicated and complex production routes spread across close to 10 plants.

There is no fine understanding of the full production cost at reference level, preventing efficient margin management of the product portfolio and identification of the most impactful industrial optimization levers.


All business decisions (pricing and sales strategy, manufacturing optimization, product portfolio optimization) and related functions, including company general management aligned detailed and unified data

Our approach

Step 1 – Development of a costing model

  • Mapping of costs and cost drivers by nature, production step, plant… and allocation to related products, including finishing options
  • Cost calibration to match actual overall EBITDA performance

Step 2 – Assessment of quick wins

  • Immediate pricing and manufacturing action plan to improve short term profitability

Step 3 – Integration into a costing and pricing tool

  • Multi factor price proposition
  • Scenario simulation capabilities (e.g. production routes, product mix, cost of raw materials…)
  • Management of data updates and of access for various stakeholders (Sales, Production, Finance…)

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Pascal Simon
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