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The real deal of generative AI

The success of adopting generative AI in business lies at least as much in training employees on a large scale as in solving the technical challenges.

This white paper is the result of a major survey that we carried out with key AI decision-makers from French institutions and companies, mainly including large groups, in order to draw up a precise and realistic picture of the adoption of generative AI within organizations, delivering concrete examples.

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Emerton Data is the AI & Tech unit of Emerton Group.
We provide tailor-made consulting services and help companies accelerate their end-to-end data transformation journey.
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We built a talented team with strong selectivity of profiles, mixing international-class competences in data science, business consulting and software engineering.
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What makes Emerton Data strong and unique is that they systematically delve into things, even most complex and technical ones, and they make them simple without making them simplistic.
Axel Droin
Global Data & Analytics Director - Top tier international food CPG group
Ex Chief Data Officer - Top tier international insurance group
We have strong synergies with Emerton Strategy sectors, activities and teams. Therefore we can provide distinctive Data + Strategy combined services.
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