Consumer Goods, Retail & Luxury
Our Vision

The consumer goods, retail, and luxury industries sit on a substantial amount of data that offers valuable insights. This presents numerous opportunities for companies to optimize their operations, increase efficiency and revenue through the use of Data & AI, although there are some challenges that may arise:

  • The large volume of data generated holds significant potential, but extracting value insights from the noise can be particularly challenging
  • This industry has at its disposal a large variety of activation levers enabling to convert data insights into actual business value, from quick wins to major opportunities
  • Brands & retailer data collaboration is always a win/win. Retailers data enables brands to better understand customer behaviors allowing them to propose more effective product and marketing strategies, in turn generating more values for the retailers

Our Offer

In the consumer goods industry, we see significant opportunities for AI and data science to drive innovation and growth. Our expertise in these areas allows us to help companies through different data use cases :

Customer Centricity

We help companies place the needs and preferences of the consumer at the center of their business decision-making.

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Next-best actions
  • Personalization of the customer journey


We use data insights to generate efficient and profitable marketing strategies.

  • Long term marketing impact
  • ROI measurement and optimization
  • Marketing for profitable growth


We use various factors such as production costs, competitor prices, and customer demand to determine the optimal price point for our companies products and services

  • Pricing for profit
  • Pricing for volume
  • Segmented pricing
  • Market watch
  • Promotion optimization

Forecasting and Operation excellence

We help companies efficiently manage resources and production processes, ensuring that they can meet customer demand and maintain profitability over the long term

  • Demand sensing for new products
  • Sales forecasting
  • Process optimization

Our Experts
Ugo Philippart
Associate Partner
Julie Caredda