Deploying a company-wide Generative AI strategy
From corporate guidelines and transformational vision to the release of first proptotypes
Context & Objectives

An international leader in the food & health sector wishes to define its Generative AI strategy, to build the technology stack prerequisites, and then to launch the first prototypes so as to accelerate acculturation within the group


Strategy validated by the executive committee and first Generative AI tools used and adopted by employees

Our approach

We developed an end-to-end methodology

  • Trained the CEO and its C-level, and supported them clarifying the company position and ambition regarding generative AI.
  • Elaborated internal guidelines
  • Aligned on a roadmap of use cases, with an assessment of feasibility
  • Co-built the IT stack to make the Generative AI available to all employees (Large Language Models and GPT-like algorithms) and to AI experts (for business-specific applications, involving mGenerative AI model fine-tuning)
  • Co-developed a prototype for Information Retrieval on vast technical knowledge of the Research & Innovation department
Our experts
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner
Yannick Léo
Partner & Data Science Director
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