Unlocking Hidden Value From Transactions Data
Optimizing Pricing and Sales with Cash Register Data Analysis
Context & Objectives

On various sites operated by our client, cash register data is collected but not exploited. There is a lack of visibility on sales and on executed prices.

The objectives of the project were to improve the understanding of the data, promote sales, and offer analysis for selected sites of the segment, encourage the use of data to identify pricing transformation opportunities, and get concrete item-level pricing recommendations.


The project fulfilled its goal, allowing for a better understanding of data and convincing stakeholders of the value of comparability between somewhat heterogeneous sites.

Over 20 M€ in pricing opportunities were identified, as well as improvements on the client’s pricing process, allowing for more cohesive pricing across sites while still respecting their differences.

Our approach

Step 1 - Diagnosis

  • Data access & assessment of the data quality
  • Data cleansing and construction of unique data frames
  • Data scoping, involving alignements with the client with back and forth analysis to support scope decisions
  • Creation of categories and matching of articles between sites to allow for comparability
  • Sales and offer analyses, including comparability between sites on several criterias (repartion by category, day period, day of the week, product frequency, etc.)
  • Analysis of pricing policies, including the creation of a global price index and the analysis of price changes by item and category
  • External benchmark with over 20 external sites to gather product mix and pricing information

Step 2 - Workshop

  • Organization of workshops with the Marketing team (responsible for pricing guidelines) and the sites’ managers (responsible for item-level pricing and execution of prices) to present and discuss findings and pricing recommendations

Step 3 - Evaluate

  • Evaluation of pricing processes and proposition of improvements
Our experts
Michelle Bandarra
Case Team Leader
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner
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