Sustainability in the Food Sector
Measuring and Managing Scope 3 Carbon Impact for a Global Food Service Company
Context & Objectives

Emerton Data helps clients reduce their environmental impact, especially in the food sector, which is responsible for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. A global food service company wants to measure its Scope 3 carbon impact in order to manage its reduction purpose.


Present to the company management team the unmet opportunities and a plan to get organized to ease continuous screening of new data sources and easily assess the added value with a focus on pricing activities

Our approach

Step 1 - Audit

  • Assess the average carbon impact from Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) that include carbon impact data for each ingredient

Step 2 - Build

  • Calculate the carbon impact of the the client recipes (quantity and ingredients). Advanced fuzzy matching techniques are applied at this stage.

Step 3 - Pilot

  • Combine the estimated carbon impact and the consumption to measure the carbon impact per day and per consumer.

Our experts
Yannick Léo
Partner & Data Science Director
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