Unleashing Customer Insights
Optimizing Direct Sales with Data Aggregation and Customer Centric Strategy
Context & Objectives

Our client is an international CPG leader that aims at optimizing direct sales and implementing a customer centric strategy.The project objective is to aggregate consumer-level information, combining several consumer data sources to serve strategic top-line business applications.


The customer 360 product is currently deployed in 3 countries. It includes 6 advanced core use cases.

Assets built as part of the product were leveraged in other product of the organization

The activation results across countries show a 30% decrease in cost per click and a 46% increase in click conversion.

Our approach

Step 1 – Customer centric data aggregation

  • Ingest various data sources (e-commerce, web behavioral, consumer pro, suveys, etc.).
  • Develop a customer knowledge database using advanced matching learning algorithm to perform the matching and reconcile the user journey across data sources.

Step 2 – Product vision definition

  • Define the business case and identify top-line opportunities across countries and channels.
  • Determine the core product assets and use cases.
  • Design strategies to streamline the rollout process and to track the impact.

Step 3 – Rollout process enhancement

  • Design, develop, and deploy valuable data use case for media activation (lead generation, churn prediction, propensity scoring) in several countries.

Our experts
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner
Ugo Philippart
Associate Partner