Setting the framework to deploy Generative AI
Generative AI approach and guidelines for a large energy producer
Context & Objectives

The arrival of generative AI and its worldwide adoption has been rapid. Corporate employees are using it extensively, but without being properly trained to make the most of it, understand its limits and apprehend the risks. Many of our customers would like to get organized so that they can launch their Generative AI journey with peace of mind, and go in search of value.


This kickstart Generative AI support lays the foundations for the safe and smooth adoption of generative AI tools which paves the way for unlocking value

Our approach

Step 1 - Perform workshops with key stakeholders - such as C-level, data & AI experts, IT and legal - to present the potential and risks, and define the strategy

Step 2 - Write guidelines with clear DO and DO NOT for the use of external or internal chatbot or information retrieval tools (e.g. SecureGPT)

Step 3 - Communicate the guidelines and achieve employee acculturation via webinar and business line workshops

Our experts
Yannick Léo
Partner & Data Science Director
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