Smart Cities
Building a Cutting-Edge Data Platform and Open Data Portal for Digital Transformation
Context & Objectives

Our client is the digital platforms and resources department of a country. The project consists of accompanying this entity in the definition of the strategy and in the implementation of its new digital platform.

The public entity needs were:

  • Define a method of data sharing in an Open Data environment in order to meet the growing digital needs of its citizens, technically through the construction of a digital portal;
  • Think and build an integrated data platform, allowing to collect, analyze, and visualize data and to build use cases based on them;
  • Identify and build 4 PoC use case with high impact, in order to demonstrate the capabilities and use of the previously built data platform.


A complete data platform, use cases and portal have been delivered, that push the boundaries of what is expected of such products.

The platform is still evolving and undergoing audits to support the go-live for the open data portal.

Our approach

Step 1 - Mapping

  • Mapping of the data available to our client, in order to identify the potential use cases (+15), choose which ones could have the most impact and feasibility (4 chosen) and finally implement the PoCs

Step 2 - Defining

  • Defining and building the data platform. The goal was to frame a sovereign data platform, secure, and able to support all present and future use cases. The design of this platform highlighted the need to imagine a very granular and secure data access system

Step 3 - Framing

  • Framing and building the open data portal that catalogs and displays the various dataset proposed by the government. The ambition of the portal is to go beyond a typical open-data website, offering self-service analytics and data science tools

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