Empowering Energy
Building a Data Platform and Web Apps for Smart Metering Technologies
Context & Objectives

Our client is the sovereign energy / energy services provider of a country. The state deployed smart metering technologies, gathering large amount of fine-grained energy consumption data. They face a challenge in leveraging the data (storing, treating, visualizing for ex.)

The project consisted in framing and building a data platform, data pipelines and web products associated


The platform is the central point for data storage and processing, +4To of data processed every day.

Multiple web apps are in production, some even are sold as a product by the client.

Our approach

Step 1 – Framing of the platform

  • Strong data criticality and sovereignty needs led to innovative crypto methods implementation
  • Large volume of data weighing on platform elasticity needs

Step 2 – Platform implementation

  • Extensive use of cloud agnostic technologies
  • Reliance on proven-track-record open source technologies

Step 3  – Pipelines and web apps

  • A performant pipeline data processing has been developed
  • Multiple web apps have been framed and built, both for internal and external use
Our experts
Yannick Léo
Partner & Data Science Director
Julio Louzada
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