Unlocking Value from Alternative Data
Use of Non-traditional Data Sources for Pricing in the Insurance Industry
Context & Objectives

With the ongoing boom of data providers and open data, it is a major concern for many companies to identify and leverage relevant data for their operations.

This is specifically critical for banks and insurance groups that need to better understand their risks and customers.

In this context, a major insurance player would like to investigate external data usage opportunities, specifically for pricing purposes.


Present to the company management team the unmet opportunities and a plan to get organized to ease continuous screening of new data sources and easily assess the added value with a focus on pricing activities

Our approach

Step 1 - Diagnosis

  • Clarify on-going practices among eight markets and perform a benchmark of external practices
  • Analyze the feasability of using new sources of data by looking at the technical perspective (ex. added value assessment in machine learning models) and legal perspective (ex. GDPR)

Step 2 - Build

  • Build organization recommendations and best practices
Our experts
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner
Ugo Philippart
Associate Partner
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