Strategic Real Estate Optimization
Forecasting and Allocation for Education Institutions
Context & Objectives

Our client, a major education player, operating schools and universities across several cities and countries using exclusively rented spaces, was looking to better forecast its real estate needs and optimize its allocation to their different schools & programs in order to improve their occupancy rate and reduce expenditures.

Our approach

Step 1 - Audit

  • Collecting & clarifying the different business needs (granularity of projection, business constraints, what levers to play with, how to consume the results…)
  • Codesigning the target solution with impacted stakeholders

Step 1 - Build

  • Building & assessing the performance of a first optimization & forecasting engine compared to the legacy approach (manual & aggregated projections)
  • Building a web app that enables the business stakeholders to simulate the nominal real estate needs, as well as alternative scenarios where they can play on a variety of levers (such as student count, programs structure & calendars, spaces allocation…)

Step 1 - Pilot

  • Training the business users to get comfortable with the tool & associated new processes, then assisting them in generating & analyzing the first batch of full forecasts & optimized allocation
Our experts
Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner
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