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Achieve excellence through the symbiosis of business, data and technology expertises

Emerton Data

Emerton Data provides Advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence services, and helps companies use data to drive decisions and transform businesses. We empower organizations to become more data-driven by providing first-class skills and advisory solutions and make-it-happen support. We combine expertise in large-scale analysis and visualization, business experience, modeling and predictive analytics.

We develop innovative approaches and tailored solutions to complex problems that generate business value. We are solution independent, and therefore we ensure to provide our clients with the solutions that best fit their needs. We help corporations design their data strategies to develop a competitive edge and to transform their businesses from top line to bottom line.

We support clients at different levels of the organizations:

Agrisight - Tech platform & software for the agriculture supply chain

Emerton Data has developed data-driven softwares and services dedicated to improve the food and agricultural supply chain

Discover Agrisight


Data strategy

Define the Data and ArtificiaI Intelligence vision
Identify, qualify and prioritize use cases
Define the operational model of the data transformation
Design data transformation roadmap

Data activation and delivery of use cases

Deliver use cases, tools, Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
Capture key insights and launch quick-win actions
Industrialize data products
Design and set-up new business models

Data foundry and capabilities

Set-up data foundry, data factory or data labs
Set-up the governance
Set-up data innovation capabilities, technology platform, etc.

Customer & behavioral analytics

Advanced Client Segmentation
Data-driven Pricing
Behavioral and predictive modeling for acquisition and churn
Customer value modeling

Operations optimization

Smart dashboards
Manufacturing: Artificial Intelligence to drive efficiency, predictive maintenance
Supply chain: predictive modeling and optimization to increase service level and optimize costs

Corporate functions

Procurement: purchasing predictive modeling
HR: data enablement and insights

Case studies

Your needs

Business context

How we help our clients


  • Core business historically far from data usage
  • Midsize companies or business entities with limited investment firepower


  • Ensure success of the first projects with a proper strategy definition and delivery
  • Data transformation kickstart

Undergoing Transformation

  • Robust vision and ambition, with successful first initiatives
  • Challenges to scale up and accelerate


  • Data activation
  • Focused optimization and industrialisation
  • Data transformation re-start

Searching for a systemic approach

  • On-going transformation at large companies
  • Up and running data capacities with numerous successes and proven ROI
  • Focus on value creation


  • Sustain data activation and maximize impact
  • Data insights
  • Industrialization and replication of successes across the group
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