Advanced data analytics for segmentation

Food & Beverage

Context and objectives

A major food & beverage faces a 3-level distribution network, with hundreds of thousands of retailers.

The company has no access to consumers, and very limited contacts with retailers. In this context, the objective is to improve the allocation of marketing and sales resources, thanks to collecting and make sense of “deep data” about retailers and their final customers.


Key project steps

  1. Design segmentation criteria including image & customer typology criteria
  2. Build automated API calls to several data sources. Aggregate structured and unstructured data per retaile. Deploy a segmentation algorithm
  3. Define the ambition by segment, design specific sales / marketing programs and reallocate resources accordingly
  4. Pilot in one state and roll-out (industrialization) in +40 states



Assigned retailers to segments, allocated resources (sales and marketing) to accounts with greatest business potential