Why join Emerton Data?

We are building something big, something challenging, something different. Therefore we are looking for the best talents.

What we look for

We look for data-passionate people who are business-oriented with a strong appetence for innovation and who are looking for a challenging environment in the data & Artificial Intelligence sector.

Depending on the role, requirements include:

  • Experience in data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Experience in finding data science solutions to business problems
  • Experience in statistical modeling and machine learning techniques
  • Programming experience in Python, R, SQL, Scala
  • Knowledge of the data technology ecosystem: distributed storage and computing (HDFS, Spark), NoSQL, Container technologies (Docker), data software and cloud solutions (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure)

You can apply on LinkedIn (see link below) or send a resume to careers@emerton-data.com.

Apply on LinkedIn
(Double track Data Scientist / Strategy Consultant)

Why join Emerton Data

Emerton Data offers the environment of a fast-changing tech culture, together with the challenging and international work environment of Emerton, a high-standard strategy consulting firm with a deep focus in Technology and offices in Paris, New York and Dubai.

Our core values:

Real-world and business impact: solving problems is at the heart of our activities. Our people are therefore pragmatic, focused on results, with a strong business sense.

Team spirit and diversity:  people and complementarities are the most important ingredients. They are the uttermost pre-requisites to achieve big things, to solve complex problems and to invent innovative solutions with high impact.

Creativity: data & A.I. are very powerful levers to transform and re-invent businesses. Therefore, we look for creative people who will be able to imagine completely new data science and A.I. applications.

Performance and distinction: a high level of rigor is required in Emerton Data’s demanding environment, and an interest for continuous challenges is shared by all the team members. We expect our data scientist consultants to have a sound understanding of the business issues, as well as of algorithms and data science models, to ensure the right modeling solves the right problem.

Recruitment process

Depending on the role type and seniority, the recruitment process consists of several rounds that include the following steps:

  • CV review
  • Fit and motivation interview
  • Digital test (technical) and Q&A session with a partner
  • Scientific test (assessment of machine learning and coding skills)
  • Case interviews with senior staff, both strategy and data science cases



Highly competitive salary

Annual bonus based on performance

Excellent medical insurance package

Internal training platform and program

The possibility to choose the hardware: Mac, PC, etc.

Excellent office location in Paris center 

International work environment

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