Update on the challenges and opportunities of an industrial world renewed by AI

Haithem Choukatli, Gustave Denis, Aimé Lachapelle, Yannick Léo
November 2020


Do you want to know what makes AI projects successful? Or hear key players’ views on ROI from implementing AI? This collaborative paper presents interviews and summary articles from experts, diving deep into the future of AI for Industrials.

In a world shaken by the COVID-19 health crisis, industries around the world have been severely tested. Production came to a standstill, the global supply chain broke down, and the women and men at the center of these industries were greatly destabilized.

Artificial Intelligence is today at the heart of the transformation of our society and in particular of industrial professions. The promise of progress and value is enormous, and this transformation is leading to an in-depth rethinking of the role and value of humans, especially in relation to machines. The automation of quality controls through image processing, the prediction of defects on production lines, or the optimization of processes involving the most complex of machines, are all use cases where AI has demonstrated its potential.

However, these first examples remain isolated, and the major challenge for manufacturers is to move to AI on a large scale, with massive adoption across all sites, in order to move towards competitive models that are more resilient to shocks. AI can and should be at the center of economic recovery.

Emerton Data is an AI specialist dedicated to the industry sector and its mission is to support its clients in the transformation of their businesses by helping them define their data & AI strategy, by equipping them with tailor-made AI solutions, and by incubating AI SaaS software.

Startup Inside, as a unique platform and engine of AI-driven initiatives, has the ambition to create and nurture sector clusters such as finance, health, industry, environment and retail.

Emerton Data and Startup Inside believe that AI must be at the center of industrial processes and activities, to make their models more efficient and more resilient. We are very happy to partner in the creation of the AI for Industry ecosystem. Our goal is to bring together the players in this community through various events, to develop interactions. It seems to us that this is what is sorely lacking today in the industrial sector, as opposed to the steps taken in more mature sectors in AI, such as finance or more recently health.

This white paper is published on the occasion of the first AI for Industry conference. It explores the promise and challenges of an industrial world renewed by AI and presents the diverse perspectives of several players in the sector, in the form of interviews and summary articles, from more than 30 expert interviews conducted for the occasion.

We thank all of the people who contributed to the development of this white paper.