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Emerton Data at a glance

Emerton Data provides above-standard data science and A.I. services, helping organizations use data to drive decisions, create impact, and transform businesses.

Emerton Data is the Emerton that empowers organizations to become more data-driven by providing first-class skills, advisory solutions and make-it-happen support. We offer premium consulting services and customized solutions. Our focus on value delivery and on complex problems makes our difference. We use the right models to solve the right problems. This is made possible by mixing unparalleled excellence skills in data science, business and strategy.

At Emerton Data, we are convinced that data and A.I. will be transforming our society for years and we help companies make this transformation impactful, accelerated and ethical.


Our core values

Real-world and business impact: solving problems is at the heart of our activities. Our people are therefore pragmatic, focused on results and display a strong business sense.

Team spirit and diversity: people and complementarities are the most important ingredients. They are the uttermost pre-requisites to achieve big things, to solve complex problems and to invent innovative solutions with high impact.

Creativity: data & AI are very powerful levers to transform and re-invent businesses. Therefore, we look for creative people who will be able to imagine completely new data science and A.I. applications.

Performance and distinction: a strong emphasis on rigor and a taste for challenge are required in Emerton Data’s demanding environment. We expect our data science consultants to have a sound understanding of both the business issues and the algorithms and data science models.

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